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KJ Miller Info Page


- Photographer / Filmmaker / Creative -

Hello, I'm KJ, enthusiastic coffee drinker, occasional gamer, passionate photographer & traveler.


I am an adventure, travel and active lifestyle photographer and filmmaker based in BC, Canada (originally from Scotland). My goal is to capture an authentic essence in my content that inspires and encourages others to seek out new experiences and pursue their own outdoor adventures and travel.


My work is a reflection of my passions and is layered with landscapes, lifestyles, adventure, travel, sports and the personalities that find meaning from the same sources.

Proudly Supported by

Anon Optics Logo

I am delighted to be part of the Anon Optics Ambassador team as a content creator. We have been developing our working relationship since 2019 and continue to produce fresh, authentic images and content together. 


It's rare to find a collaboration that works on so many levels and being a huge fan (and user) of Burton Snowboards and Anon Optics products prior to working together makes our content all the more special.

I recently became a Burton Snowboards & Anon Optics Affiliate too! Check out some of my favourite gear here.

What to expect


Photography packages that elevate your product, service and experience.

I strive to create visual assets that integrate seamlessly into your brand presence while also taking your visuals to new and exciting levels.

Collaboration is key and I listen meticulously to desired outcome and requirements. I find ways to incorporate brand messaging and instructions while creating authentic images that are true to my visual style and presence


A simple, four-point process is the backbone of any client projects. 

Consultation - allows us to set clear goals and expectations.

Production - based entirely on the goals established in the consultation stage.

Delivery - of full resolution finished images. Digital delivery ensures promptness.

Feedback Loop - allows amendments on images to make sure we get the desired outcome right.


The creative possibilities for the photography packages offered is exceptionally broad.

By thinking outside the box, I am able to view challenges as opportunities to raise the bar in the production of authentic and immersive images. 

Approaching my photo sessions with your brief and an open mind allows the production of visual assets that are miles ahead of the 'cookie cutter' or 'one size fits all' attitude to help you stand out, be noticed and leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

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